Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cafe Deux Soleils on The Drive

The Basic breakfast at Cafe Deux Soleils on The Drive. I love the Drive and I'm happy that I'm only a 7 minute (via public transit) ride from this neighborhood. The Drive is a street filled with so many types of cuisines and restaurants, every block has at least 2 or 3 places to eat. There are so many options and whatever you are craving, you'll find it on The Drive.

On this particular morning, after a spiritual yoga session with Tomas, I decided I must pick up a coffee and muffin before heading home. First choice was JJ Bean, grab a quick coffee / muffin to go but the place was packed! There was no way I was going to WAIT IN A LINE UP FOR A COFFEE / MUFFIN. Decided to walk back up the street to find another coffee shop when I happen to stop by Cafe Deux Soleils. I have been past this place a million times and each time I walk by, I always wondered what it was like inside. In the evenings, the place is packed full of people and usually has some form of live entertainment but in the daytime, it's a different atmosphere, still quite artsy but very mellow and family oriented. It was decided, perfect time to check this place out.

Cafe style counter with the menu on the wall written in chalk. I think they change up the menu every once in a while and the breakfast menu had quite a number of yummy choices. I would have loved to try them all but decided to stick with a simple breakfast. The Basic - any style eggs x 2, hash and marbled rye toast plus I was craving for a muffin and there were freshly baked blueberry chocolate chip muffins on the counter by the cash register, how could I resist??!!?? But I forgot to take a photo of it, oops :( Doesn't it sound so yummy? Blueberries and chocolate chips, what a great combo! All this plus 2 cups of coffee under $9.00!! WOW!! The service was friendly and quick, breakfast arrived within 5 minutes of my seating, the decor is very artsy and rustic, atmosphere is family oriented and the crowd mixed up with artsy and yogis :) I think the evening would be slightly different and I will def have to check it out one evening after a yoga class. I love the rustic and mis-matched furniture, lots of refinished wood tables and mixed match chairs. Coffee mugs are mismatched as well which I thought was pretty darn cute and unique.

I love the place, it's def a place worth checking out if you are ever on The Drive during breakfast or lunch. My eggs were done over easy, exactly how I wanted it, hash was delicious, perfectly cooked and seasoned, the marble rye toast was as pretty as it was tasty! Coffee is not your Blenz or Starbucks but a good compliment to my breaky. I looooooved the blueberry/chocolate chip muffin, it really is a delicious combination, I will def have to replicate this recipe at home. Hopefully, I'll make up a version similar or just as tasty!

Trishalicious Approved!